Graphic Design Questions to Ask Your Client

Tired about designing without a good direction? Tired of asking yourself what’s the purpose of the design? Well, you are not alone. Without having a clear and accurate graphic design in mind, you will not get what the client wants. The only way for you to come up with a concrete design is to ask questions to the client. After all, it’s not their fault if you are missing the mark. It’s going to be your fault especially when you haven’t asked any question. What are the different graphic design questions to ask your client?

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This article lists down some of them:

1.    Ask the clients to tell more about their companies. Usually, clients think that you are already familiar with their brand and their business type. When working on a graphic design, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the company history and other relevant things. The main idea here is to hear stories and background information from them. That way, you can start coming up with a design that will certainly fit their brand.

2.    Ask them about what they want to achieve. Of course, they will not hire a graphic designer for nothing. If not for achieving something, probably they could’ve just done this on their own. Ask the clients about their goals and the purpose of the design.

3.    Ask who will be their target audience. Finding out the target audience is an essential tool for building an accurate design. It will help you out in determining the best and suitable way of communicating and interacting with them.

4.    Ask what needs to be produced. Too much design ideas can be confusing especially when coming up with what the clients exactly want to see. Ask them if they have some idea in mind and make sure to incorporate them. Also, ask about the distribution details, cycles of the design etc.

5.    Ask about their criteria for assessing the design. It’s important to know the things that they look for in a design. That way, you already have an idea how your graphic design will be assessed.

6.    Ask about their budget on the design. Even if it’s just an estimated budget, you can already provide a realistic design based from there. By knowing their budget, you can also offer alternative solutions to the problems that you might encounter along the way. It’s also essential to know the timeline of the project so that you can already plot what needs to be done at a specific date and time before the given deadline.

7.    Ask what particular designs they like. Propose preliminary works to the clients and discuss which design admired them the most. Or better yet, let them submit a set of designs that you may use.

8.    Ask what designs they do not like. It’s also important to ask clients if they think that the design is inappropriate or done in bad taste. Figure out why they didn’t like it. Their answers may sound arguable to hear, but this may help you in coming up with future designs.

9.    Ask about the project workflow. Determine the number of hours or days required to finish a particular phase. Discuss the ways on how you can communicate with each other during the whole project duration and who has the final say when the design is ready for approval.

By remembering the different graphic design questions to ask your client, you can never go wrong in producing a design that’s sure to establish not just the company’s brand but your professional experience as well.