Graphic Design Inspiration

While you may be one of those individuals who seem to have the natural gift of creativity continuously flowing in their veins, there will always come a time when you will experience creative block. This is the time when you struggle to figure out what to make next, design or draw. Regardless of what creative genre you belong, you all need some graphic design inspiration to keep those creative juices flowing.

In this technological age, you have numerous resources for such inspiration right at the tip of your fingertips, the internet. You will discover unlimited sources of graphic design inspiration on the internet. These sources range from a wide array of fashion, artwork, crafts, photography and illustrations by artists – both popular and relatively unknown yet are graphically marvelous and astounding.

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However, the internet has amassed a large selection of these sources that finding the best graphic design inspiration blog or site can be quite perplexing. Hence, to help you find the best source of inspiration without having to dig deep into the internet’s wealth of data, here are some of the sites and blogs that hopefully will help you with that much-needed boost of graphic design inspiration.

Pinterest – It is a useful visual tool for finding amazing creative ideas and other graphic design inspiration for your interests and endeavor.
Illustration Age – One of the amazing creative blogs that regularly feature fresh, new and artistically inspiring artwork from expert illustrators from all over the globe.

Ads of the World – If you are looking for some advertising inspiration, you may want to visit this blog, which showcases all the hottest ad campaigns. You can talk about these campaigns in the site’s forums and rate them according to your judgment.

They Shoot Film – This is a blog that is dedicated to a collection of amazing photos by two rising photographers, Garrick Fujii and Patrice Esser. Although hailed from Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively, they have united their artistic endeavor through this marvelous blog that will inspire everyone, especially aspiring artists.

Arrested Motion – If you like to feed your eyes and mind with contemporary art based on scenes of daily life you get to see in urban and low brow places, you have to see this online magazine. Filled with a daily dosage of artistic endeavors covering areas all over the world, you will be inspired by what you will see on this site.

Habitually Chic – If you are looking for a graphic design inspiration for interior designs, you need to visit this blog which has been regularly featured in well-known magazines all over the world such as Domino, Elle Décor, Fast Company and House Beautiful, to name just a few.

Little Green Notebook – Another blog that does not fail to inspire would-be interior designers or designers experiencing creative block, is this blog by Jenny from New York City. You will also get to discover a lot of DIY home projects and flea market finds in this blog.

Colossal – A very interesting blog that you need to visit to discover other facets of visual culture. Just browsing through the blog’s collection of artistic works will give you that much needed graphic design inspiration.

A Beautiful Mess – If you are looking for some inspiration, you need to visit this blog and be inspired by the wide array of craft projects that are not only a feast for the eyes but can also enhance your mind about the myriad of styles and creative endeavors.