Designing For Apps 101

Whenever you visit your smartphone’s app store (Google Play Store, Apple store), did you notice just how many apps there are on your fingertips? It’s because there is a market for good apps and if you are thinking of creating your own application or designing for apps, you can definitely make big money if you do it right.

Just How Large is The Demand?

According to, there are 4.4 billion worldwide users who use smartphones to download apps. The number is staggering and it’s going to get bigger and bigger. App development is poised to continue being a big business opportunity. Now, getting into web development is easy in that you do not need a sizable investment. However, you still have your work cut out for you.

Developing your first applicationWhat You Need When Designing For Apps

Developing your first application has never been so exciting. Imagine getting to create that app that millions of users are going to pay for! Before that happens, you must know first how to design your first application, and then develop it from the ground up. You will, of course, need the right equipment; more importantly, you need to be equipped with knowledge of certain programming languages.

Let’s say you decided to build an app for Android Jellybean 4.1, you are most likely dealing with Java as it’s the primary Android development language. You also need to get the ADT (Android development tool) and Eclipse as the IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

You also have to test your app for bugs. Android debugging can be a pain if you don’t have the device to test it. This is especially the case if you are not using third party software like GenyMotion. Debugging in Eclipse IDE can take as long as an hour even on high-end computers. You will need a lot of patience if you happen to choose to develop in android.
IOS application development requires Mac devices with XCode installed. It also requires knowledge of Objective-C language.

Depending on the intended functionality of your application, whether it is an application for calculating your calorie intake or an RPG game for kids, the guidelines are still the same. For starters, the outline of the buttons or the controls should be easily understood or intuitive. The color of your app should also set the right mood. Also, the text should be easy to read. Most of all, the application should be really doing what it is supposed to do. Also, the layout of your application must be user-friendly. It will also help if your logo is eye-catching and easy to remember so it would stand out from most of the applications available on the playstore.

To develop your app, you may need knowledge of how to construct storyboards and there are applications that can help with that too. This is especially the case with apps for RPG or adventure gaming.

Right Gadget, Right Apps, for the Right People

Developing application must not be taken off lightly. Your choice in target device will also affect your target customers, and, therefore, your profits. If you choose to make an app for android kitkat 4.4 for example, not only you will lose potential profit from IOS smartphone users but also lose potential profits from Android phone users with lower versions than 4.4.


Every aspiring developer must know this remember creating an application for only one device can result to compatibility issues on other devices especially on lower end versions. Your decision should be based on application capability, statistics, compatibility, users and legalities of the software product you are developing. You need to do market research before deciding on a specific target market.

Uploading Your App on App Store

Uploading an android application on Google play store is not free too. You will have to create a merchant account, and registration for that can cost you a $25 fee. The price may vary depending on your country.

Uploading IOS application requires apple id that cost 1 $ deducted from your credit card plus an ample upload fee depending on your application targeted device.

So What if you want to make Mobile applications but you don’t Know How to Code?

Learning programming languages is a must when developing mobile applications or any applications at all. However, you shouldn’t worry because android and apple companies have online libraries and tutorials that you can easily access. They will help you develop your very own application.

If you’re looking to develop Android apps, you can visit
If you want to develop IOS appls, please visit

It is advisable to master these programming languages to become a better mobile developer
Objective C
HTML5 / PHP (for web based mobile applications)

Dealing with the Heat of Competition

So you have created an app for editing pictures but upon searching, you find out there are already tons of them in the play store? Don’t get discouraged; remember there are 4.4 billion smartphone users (or possibly more) in the world. There is always a chance that there is one person who will try your application and possibly buy.

You just need to offer something unique, such as additional features that other apps don’t have. For example, instead of making a standard castle defense app, why not make a mash-up of castle defense and real-time strategy?